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From the blog of romance author Juliet AharoniPeople have asked me for my reasons for writing “Together They Overcame.” To be honest, there’s no simple answer to that. I had many reasons for writing it. I believed I had an enlightening story to tell. I wanted to present a young couple from worlds apart, and how, against all odds, they learn to come together regardless of their diverse backgrounds (her German Catholic connections and his Israeli pioneer upbringing). Finally, I believe that true love will always prevail.

I also had to show the difficulties the Israelis had to contend with and their means of overcoming them in the late 50’s. Readers could identify with the universal issues such as shortage of food and money, a young couple coming together in marriage and an atrocious mother-in-law, but the horrors of the holocaust still lingering in the air made it unbearable for those who had lost loved-ones and had come to Israel leaving behind everything they knew and trying to start anew.

It surprised me that none of the reviewers mentioned Mrs. Hahn, who played an important role in Rosalind’s healing process and adapting to life in a country torn by the suffering of survivors from concentration camps and their peculiarities because of it and, of course having to live daily with terrorist attacks.

I hoped to portray a multi-cultural nation struggling to find itself. What the influx of new immigrants meant to Israel who had built up a nation with misplaced human beings from seventy four nations. The Hebrew language is not easy to learn, yet these people of all ages had to start a new life unlike anything they had ever known. Part of that was learning a new language.

I used the language as spoken by the highly educated Israeli, with the hope that the reader could see the distinction between the classes.

I was hesitant about the graphic sex scenes; however, with my husband’s approval, I let them be. People steer away from mentioning sex, which I find a shame. It’s the greatest way for human beings to express their love and joy. I did not want erotic scenes, just good down-to-earth sex between a man and woman in love.

I guess that, deep down, I wanted readers to learn about life in Israel from a very different view-point, from someone living there. It was/is important for me that readers see Israel positively from an outsider looking in.